Courses taught at Swarthmore

  • BIOL002 Organismal and Population Biology
  • BIOL028 Global Change Biology
  • BIOL039 Marine Biology
  • BIOL042 Climate Change Science and Communication
  • BIOL139 Global Ocean Change Biology

Other courses previously taught

  • Larval Ecology (FSH538), University of Washington, Summer 2022
  • HKUST courses (2014-2018):
    • Ocean Science (ENVS2003)
    • Biodiversity (LIFS2060)
    • Ecology (LIFS3160)
    • Introduction to Sustainability (SUST 1000)
    • Science of Gastronomy (SCI3150)
  • Larval Ecology, WHOI/MIT Joint Program, Fall 2013
  • Field Methods in Oceanography, University of Washington, Spring 2012
  • Scientific Methods in Practice, University of Washington, Spring 2011

Larval Ecology Class in Friday Harbor Labs